Savage 219 disassembly

Remember Me? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 20 of Thread: Problems with Savage in Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Problems with Savage in Bought a and it has problems. When I try to close the barrel with a snap-cap, it is difficult to close and will not cock.

Savage / Stevens / Springfield / Fox Rifles 219B

Close on empty chamber and it closes okay, and cocks sometimes. The rifle is probably the first model that came out, because it has a flat curved steel trigger guard. I do not know if the barrel assembly is original to the rifle, nor do I know how to identify if the barrel is a later model or the correct one for this receiver.

Does closing the barrel cock the firing pin? When I open the barrel with the snap cap, it launches the snap cap maybe ten feet behind me. Is this normal? What say you experts on the Savage ? Order a new firing pin from Numrich? I will not have time to work on the rifle for a week or so, there is time to noodle this out, hopefully. I know that at some point, they changed how the gun cocked one type the lever that opened the gun did it and another was the opening itselfso barrels for one type don't work on the other type.

I recentlt got a B shotgun thinking it would take rifle barrels, but they're different. No problem, it's a nice little shotgun and was cheap. Could it be you have a different barrel from what the gun originally had? Broken firing pins are said to be a chronic problem with the Discussion in ' Gunsmithing Forum ' started by jdsingleshotFeb 21, Log in or Sign up.

Savage 20 gauge disassembly Discussion in ' Gunsmithing Forum ' started by jdsingleshotFeb 21, Feb 21, 1. My only NRA disassembly guide doesn't have the or theso, have any of you had a apart? I have the stock and barrel off and need to tear the action apart, but would like to do that in the best order and learn how to reassemble.

The top snap will almost move enough to open the action and then gets impossible to move without breaking something--won't cock the firing pin. Thanks in advance. Last edited: Feb 21, Feb 21, 2. Feb 21, 3. That is for the new totally different animal, but thanks.

Feb 23, 4. Well, as usual, the things I want to know, nobody else knows. I have the action totally disassembled and have reassembled several times. Despite what I had read, it's very easy. Some eager beaver ground the striker near the sear notch to the point that the notch is completely through the striker at one point. The striker shank at that point hangs up in the square hole in the bridge.

Some people should not be allowed near tools of any kind.

Numrich is out of stock for the striker. Anyone have a spare? Feb 23, 5. Talking to myself here, but in case anyone was looking for a striker for me, I found one on eBay and bought it. Feb 26, 6. Please cancel. Last edited: Feb 26, Feb 26, 7.

Savage Model 219 .22 Hornet

Would you describe how you did it? I'm interested. Feb 27, 8. Last edited: Feb 28, Due to the coronavirus COVID outbreak and measures imposed by our state government, our operations are temporarily suspended. Notifications Close. Part Key: 0. Add to cart. Enlarge Image. Part Key: 1. Out of Stock. Forend Wood, 12 Ga. Forend Wood, 16 Ga. Forend Wood, 20 Ga. This product is no longer available, however H can be used as a replacement part.

Forend, 12 Ga. Forend, 16 Ga. Forend, 20 Ga. Forend, Complete Product : A. Part Key: 2. Bridge Product : Part Key: 3. Part Key: 4. This product is no longer available, however GO can be used as a replacement part. Part Key: 5. Part Key: 6. Part Key: 7. Part Key: 8.

Extractor, 12 Ga. Product : E. Extractor, 16 Ga. Extractor, 20 Ga.

Savage 220 20 gauge disassembly

Extractor, 28 Ga.General Information :. These series of guns are basically a hammerless version of the popular model 94 single shot hammer type shotgun, with many parts interchangeable. The model was a rifle made in 22 Hornet,andwith probably the the most popular. While the companion model shotgun was made in28 ga, 20 ga, 16 ga, and 12ga. There was a P and a AC. You could even get combo guns with both rifle AND shotgun barrels. The rifle frame has a much smaller firing pin to facilitate firing of the rifle primers, so when the gun was a combo, the rifle receiver was used instead of the much larger firing pin of the shotgun.

This seemed to function OK, however not ideal. For simplicity here in the information section, I will only list the more popular shotgun variations, however the rifle variations follow the same suffix letter pattern.

The and A used an in-line heavy mainspring activated firing pin. There is evidence of a model C, one for sale but no documentation can be found, even in the factory parts list. The was made a year earlier starting in The and ceased production during WWII.

The last versions, L and LD was a totally different frame utilizing similarities of the then current model shotgun which used a side lever to open the gun instead of the old style top lever. They also used a different internal pivoting hammer. The only thing I can see different between the L and LD series is the buttstock and frame, which tells me that the LD was probably a Deluxe version. But the first chance to own one was probably in the late s.

All the springs were beyond usage even if I could have re-heat treated them. The trigger guard was an early stamped out sheet metal style and probably the same used on the model double barrel shotguns, and it was salvageable.

This gun was totally destroyed as far as all practical purposes.Moderator Group: Moderator. Pages: 1 Send Topic Print. Later versions can use ONLY later barrels, because the later actions are NOT cocked via the opening lever - The later actions are cocked via a cocking stud on the barrel lug of later barrels lifting an internal cocking lever when the barrel is tipped open.

IP Logged. I'm sure that the picture is correct. The came with a die cast trigger guard and a stamped steel guard. The top action showing is of the later with the die cast trigger guard. I have a earlier with the stamped trigger guard. I have 2 of these rifles. The barrels won't interchange Is that a reliable way to tell the striker from the hammer version?

If you remove the stock, the hammer and coil spring can be seen inside. Or if your action has a extra pin just above the front of the trigger guard bow it will have a hammer. That pin is the hammer pivot pin.

By the way should one need a replacement stock Boyd's has them. All Rights Reserved. Page completed in 1. Welcome, Guest. Please Login or Register. Pages: 1. Send Topic Print.Remember Me? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 20 of Thread: Savage Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Savage Are these worth the trouble?

I've been looking for another hornet for a while, and one of these came up at a price cheaper than I could get a contender carbine barrel, so I felt I could justify it. I haven't got anything loaded, and I'm out of town, but are these things generally decent shooters?

Would it be worth the trouble of rechambering to K? Please let me know if you have one you don't need, cause I might "need" it! L Ross. I had one in for a while. It was a good shooter and a nice looking rifle for the price. I wish modern manufacturers made as sleek a looking rifles at a modest price. The down side is the interenal components trigger, and striker. You will have no trouble selling it if you try it and don't like it.

Savage 11 disassembly

I would not rechamber it untl you decide you will keep it. Had one years ago. Wasn't what you would call real accurate by todays standards and shooting it off the bench was a real pain the way it broke open. Swapped it off for a Bushnell scope and a set of Sako rings. Still think it was a good horse swap. Originally Posted by NoZombies.

savage 219 disassembly

Are these worth the trouble? Experience is a wonderful thing - It lets you recognize a mistake, when you make it again. Had a back in the mids that gave me cause to believe in the. Eventually, traded it off on a Ruger 3 another Hornet and never looked back.

If the price were right, though, wouldn't hesitate to grab onto another for a 'knockabout' gun. A friend of mine's father had a The 12 ga. The owner claimed that at one time he had a barrel chambered for 22 High Power for.

savage 219 disassembly

I haven't heard of one so chambered. Of course the owner claimed the 22HP killed deer like they were hit by lighting. Originally Posted by Bob Busetti. First reload:. Well, I guess when I get home, I'll have to dig out the hornet reloading dies and get to work.

Thankfully this one is grooved, and even came with a set of rings, so there should be no problem getting a scope on it.Does any one know anything about the Savage single shot. I saw an ad for a model Is it a gun worth buying if it is in good condition?

I wonder how it would compare to the NEF ? Thanks, Rob. Believe you would be better served by the NEF. The Savage is a good old rifle that may be considered weak by some in that caliber. Parts are hard to come by if they should be needed. Price may be higher for a used Savage than a new NEF. I currently own three of them and consider them a much better rifle than the NEF.

I especially like the smooth lines and slim, graceful contours. It is true that parts are hard to find but there is little chance you'll ever need any. I also like the 26" barrel over the 22" NEF. With the hammerless design one can mount a scope much lower than on an NEF where the scope bell has to clear the tall hammer and the doesn't need an ugly and awkward hammer extension.

savage 219 disassembly

It's largely a matter of esthetics but I just like the old much better than the new NEFs. Remove Advertisements. I own a savage in Krag Imp. It shoots very well and the Imp.

I reload with a. As coyotejoe said, the 26' barrel and long, slim asthetics make the a nice rifle. You can replace the butstock with a stock from a savage 24V for a higher comb and better fit for scope use. I will tell you something else about theI have one with the barrel and a 16 gauge shotgun barrel.

It also came with an interchangeable 20 gauge barrel but mor 16s than 20s. Here is myI need a rifle that fit in a pouch max 20 inch long or in a pack sack or a 4 wheel back seat box. The maximum range required if used will be 50 to 75 yrd. The canadian law require that barrel must be at least Last year I install a scope Attached Thumbnails.

I have had my Savage C. The rifle had a nice Weaver K4 4 power scope on it. I was eleven years old when when my father gave it to me the night before deer season opened. I was ready for opening morning, I can remember looking at it until I finally fell asleep! I had been hunting with my Dad and Grandfather since I was four years old and Dad knew that I was ready to go to a blind by myself. I shot two deer opening morning two doe and shot a spike that evening!

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