Quartz dab straw

Regular price. Crafted from premium cherry wood, the Honey Dabber II is an innovative concentrate straw designed to simplify your sessions. Simply heat the straw and dip it into your preferred concentrate using a glass or metal dish. A removable wooden sleeve safely houses the hot tip so you can pocket Honey Dabber 2 immediately after use. Extracting intense flavors, aromas, and effects, Honey Dabber II comes equipped with two options—titanium or quartz straw—each offering a new way to explore concentrates.

The titanium boosts vapor production while the quartz displays a wide array of flavor notes. Made from top-tier materials like cherry hardwood, CP2 Titanium, and neodymium magnets, the Honey Dabber is built to last. Press-fitted with no adhesives, the titanium is free of chemicals while the quartz crystal straw boasts incredible heat resistance for intense flavor. The Honey Dabber II is perfect for concentrate enthusiasts who seek simplicity, convenience, and quality.

I got this for my boyfriend for Christmas. He loves it. The wood case makes transporting it while hot easier because you don't have to wait for it to cool down. I absolutely love my honey dabber I use only quartz straws with it. I have a big collection of smoking devices and my honey dabber definitely gets the most use out of anything.

Very strong rips easy to conceal only takes a second to heat take a rip n throw it back in your pocket. So easy to use. Convenient, discreet. I have nothing bad to say about this. It is a great addiction to my collection. Are you 21 or over? No Yes. Home My Account Shop by Product expand. Vaporizers expand. Grinders expand. Rolling Papers expand.

GRAV LABS - Vapor Straw Kit w/ Glass Dish (Pick Your Color)

CBD expand. Infusion Machines expand.This website contains adult material and is only suitable for those 18 years or older. Click Enter only if you are at least 18 years of age. The Mini Nectar Collector style dab straw if for use with oils and concentrates.

quartz dab straw

Each dab straw is made from Pyrex glass and range in a variety of colors. Best used with a glass dab dish or jar. Benefits and features of various nectar collector dab straw options In this episode of MyxedUpTV Rachael at Myxed Up Aurora gives us the rundown on all of the most popular dab straw glass pipes that we have available in a Learn the benefits of a nectar collector dab straw and how to use one Designed for oils, waxy concentrates and shatter, this simple yet elegant dab pipe features the innovative nectar collector style design.

quartz dab straw

To use a dab straw, just An electronic upgrade to the nectar collector style dab straw Are you ready to launch your dab game to the next level in ?

Check out the Dive by Yocan. The Dive is an electronic nectar collector style concentrate pen All Rights Reserved. Ecommerce Software by Shopify. Site by Rawsterne. Add to Cart Qty. Size 5" x. You may also like Newsletter Sign up to our newsletter for the latest news and special offers.This is our most affordable quartz dab straw or nectar collector we have. Some call this a nectar collector as well, but that is brand, not a product. But we also know that people want to support their American brothers and sisters working at a torch, so we have this option as well for just a little more cost.

Foreign Made. Wonderful for quick dabs, and the fact that its quartz is a big bonus for me because you can heat clean it. For the price and quality thus is great. Receved as a gift and love it.

Nectar Collectors

Very useful for cleaning up at the end of a jar. Use these all the time for a quick little travel go dabber when you cant just whip a rig out. You save. Rating Required Select Rating 1 star worst 2 stars 3 stars average 4 stars 5 stars best. Review Subject Required. Comments Required. Quantity: Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity:. Product Details. Features: Made of quartz About 6 inches long Flat spot to stop rolling Features Elev8 Frosted Decal colored decals will not be on the straw any more on foreign made quartz dab straw No decal on Elev8 Premier made dab straws.

Wonderful for quick dabs, and the fact that its quartz is a big bonus for me because you can heat clean it For the price and quality thus is great. Choose Options. Add to Cart.

On Sale!When it comes to fast and simple it may not get any more simple than a concentrate dab straw. Designed to be heated with a torch and simple pushed into your concentrate allowing the hot tip to vaporize the concentrate.

Inexpensively priced dab straws are made of borosilicate which is fine as long as you remember to heat the dab straw slowly and evenly by rotating the dab straw while you heat it to heat all around and uniformly. The next step up is the quartz dab straw.

Because of the thermal resistance quartz possesses you can heat the tip up with less care. Going up the ladder in quality is a dab straw with a removable tip. These tips can be made of Borosilicate, quartz, ceramic or titanium. They can then be hooked up to water filled bubblers designed to work with a dab straw. When looking for a dab straw with a removable tip, it is best to find one that the heated tip is made on a female joint.

Because of the laws of thermal expansion and transfer when you heat a female up it will not expand and break the male. The Elev8 Glass line of dab straws focuses on the build of the tip being made with the female gender. Elev8 Glass Gallery also carries the most famous brands of dab straws call the Nectar Collector.

To use a dab straw you simple heat the tip up and insert it into your concentrate while you inhale. Always remember that the tip is still hot. Hold on to it and keep it away from anything that could be burned like your skin or table. We recommend a silicone dab mat to work a dab straw over so as you will not burn a table. Home Dabbing Dab Straws Dab Straws When it comes to fast and simple it may not get any more simple than a concentrate dab straw.

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Frit Sand Art Dab Straw. Made locally in Colorado, these unique patterns stick out and grab your eye. Sits 6" long and includes a titanium nectar tip and K-Clip. Carbosilica is a revolutionary material that combines the cleanliness of glass with the otherworldly strength of carbon fiber. Inside is a conventional thick walled Glass tube, on the outside an exoskeleton of aerospace grade carbon fibers are woven over the glass to create a piece that is cleably and safe yet is protected by a material five times stronger than steel.

Close menu. Quick view. Pulsar Honeycomb Dab Straw. Pierced Cow Utter Dab Straw. Wigwag Dichro Tubing Dab Straw.

Dab Straw - 10mm 5 Pinch Donut. Hot Glass Medium Dab Straw. Thick Frit and Fumed Dab Straw. Sits 6. Has a Honeycomb block after the tip to make sure no loose essential oils fly up the tube. Sits 6" long. Beautiful tubing that really pops! Hand made locally in Colorado and features a 10mm Joint. Includes a titanium nectar tip and K-Clip. Hand made locally in Colorado and sits 6" long. Includes a 14mm titanium nectar tip and K-Clip. Color patters will vary from piece to piece.

Hand made locally in Colorado and Sits 6" long. Colors will vary from piece to piece. Hand Made locally in Colorado.Wax, shatter, budder, rosin or oil, you name it.

Dab Bat Dab Straw

Some dabbers prefer to dab straight from the jar that comes with the cannabis concentrates when they purchased it. If the jars are made from food-grade silicone, it'll be ok to dab with them since they are very tolerant of heat.

So using a titanium tip or quartz tip to dab is entirely up to your personal choice. It's not rocket science, once you get the hang of it you can practically use any nectar collector at ease.

14mm Quartz Dab Straw Kit

Puffing Bird is dedicated to providing the best-valued nectar collectors for dabbers all over the world with free shipping service, we're dabbing enthusiasts ourselves and we'll keep listing the lastest dabbing technology on PuffingBird. What's A Nectar Collector. Make the best use of a dab straw. Once the order has been shipped, you will receive a notification email with tracking ID. All orders will be shipped from our California based fulfillment center.

Standard free shipping delivery is usually within 7 business days For domestic zip codes. Please note that if more than one item is placed in a single order, items may be delivered separately depending on stock and might potentially processed from different warehouses. All orders will be shipped from our Hong Kong based fulfillment center. Standard shipping delivery is usually within days, but can vary due location of customer as well as potential hangups in to customs.

My box got stolen right off my porch, contacted them and they are nice enough to ship me the replacement using DHL, will buy again. Search Bongs. Ash Catchers Weed Grinders. Dab Rigs. Carb Caps Dabbers. Color Black White Blue Green. Add to Cart. Description Shipping Latest Discounts Description. Not comfortable with assembling so many things before dabbing? This nectar collector style 14mm quartz tip dab straw kit might just be the right one for you!

This dab rig doesn't require an extended mouthpieceall you need to do is put the 14mm quartz tip on it, use the keck clip to secure it tightly and fill water through the mouthpiece, then you're ready to torch this baby up! The filtration chamber feature on this dab straw is designed to be spill proof so you don't need to worry about water getting into your mouth when inhale, and the standard 14mm male quartz tip is perfect for low-temperature dabs!

How do I know when the nectar collector is hot enough for dabs? April Due to a surge in demand, you may experience shipping delays. Latest Discounts. Feb Happy Valentine's! Customer Reviews 4. Customer Photos. Reviews Questions.

Title of Review. How was your overall experience?Our customer referrals mean the world to us! Add my Free Silicone to Cart. Dab Rigs.

Heat Resistant High quality materials. Shop All Dab Rigs. Recycler Dab Rigs. Dab Torches. Titanium Nails. Ceramic Nails. Carb Caps and Dabber Tools. Electric Dab Rigs. Length Over 18 inches 12 to 18 inches 6 to 12 inches Under 6 inches " - " inches.

Free Shipping Discrete Packaging. Instant Returns Get immediate store credit. Super happy that I bought this item! I voted and the ONLY reward for me was that this company offered a nice discount on their products. I have never bought from them before, but I could NOT pass up this deal. So without paying too much attention, I ordered what I thought was the cheapest glass bong they offered yet I knew it glowed in the dark.

quartz dab straw

Ok, yes I I bought this for my wife and it seems like she won't put it down. We both thoroughly ejoyed our experience and will do it again soon! The rig was unfortunately, not working right, the glass nail is either way to big, or the hole is just too small.

I don't want to return it, just letting y'all know. Awesome water pipe! Looks badass. And smokes perfectly. Very smooth and it holds alot of smoke in the chamber for many additional hits after your initial one. Get a Free Large Silicone Container Find out how to get a free silicone container Our customer referrals mean the world to us!

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