Mustang cobra terminator parts

Mustang GT and Cobra models from to were among the best of their generation, but car enthusiasts were expecting more power from the engines. Buyers may have been less than thrilled with the new engines at the time, but the past twenty years have given aftermarket designers time to find the best ways to squeeze more power out of these motors. Boosting engine performance enhances the driving experience and is possible through upgrades, replacements, or add-ons.

Now, you can easily get the products you need to make your dream Stang setup come true. Anderson Ford Motorsport makes sure of that. Since these engines first came to market, Anderson Ford Motorsport has been testing parts as they've come out to find out what works.

We can help you find the right combination to get the performance you want, whether you're looking to build a track car, a dragster, or just something that's more fun to drive on the street. Major improvements can be made without touching the bottom end, and a shared block with the 5. The new Coyote V8 is based on the Mod motor, making these Mustangs a good starting point for a modern engine swap.

You want your car to look great inside and out.

What Makes The Terminator Cobra Engine So Good? (Part One)

You want more torque and horsepower from the engine. What if you can get both? Anderson Ford Motorsport will spoil you with a great selection of quality and affordable parts for your Mustang GT or Cobra. Choose among the parts featured on this page or browse by category to find the items you need easier. The SN95 Mustangs may have debuted with the old 5. Contrary to popular belief, Ford's modular engines get their name from a manufacturing process that allows quick tooling changes so that a production line can rapidly switch between engines, not due to common engine components.

The first engine in this family, a SOHC, two valve per cylinder 4. Over time, the engine family has expanded to include a number of V8s and V10s used in everything from the F to the Koenigsegg CCR, which briefly held the title of world's fastest production car.

The Mod motor used in the Mustang GT is similar to the 4. It uses a thick cast iron block with cross bolted main caps. That means it's heavier than the old 5. In these Mustangs, it's rated at hp and lb-ft. The SVT Cobra uses an all-aluminum 4.Our exclusive Terminator Style Side Skirt Splitters now in black fiberglass and fit all Ford Mustangs from with Mustang Cobra OEM side skirts or our own carbon fiber side skirts installed.

Simply drill a few holes underneath your current side skirts and bolt on. You can paint to match your mustang or leave unfinished black. Hardware included. Fasteners provided. Carbon fiber arm rest cover for the Mustang All models.

Simple quick installation. Mounts with or without 3M double stick tape. Carbon fiber complete replacement door cups for the Mustang All models. Price is for a pair and sold in pairs only. One 1 drivers side and one 1 passenger side. Mounting tabs integrated into the back of cups just like OEM. Note: Mustangs feature a single DIN radio opening. Our double DIN radio bezel does not need to be modified although a piece inside the dash itself will need a slight trimming.

See Installation Information for more. Real carbon fiber instrument cluster overlay with 3M adhesive backing already applied. Carbon fiber complete replacement shifter bezel. Fits all trim models. Select from the drop down before adding to your cart. Select from the dropdown before adding to your cart.

Silver carbon fiber instrument cluster overlay with 3M adhesive backing already applied.All parts on this page will fit - Mustang Cobra.

Aluminum Front Differential Supports with Aluminum shimming washers to set pinion angle. Delrin Rear Differential Support. Gloss Black Powder coated. Differential cover not included.

mustang cobra terminator parts

Hardware is included. Click here for combo deal. Ford Racing 8. Ford Mustang Differential Pinion Seal for 8. Ford Pinion Flange. FitsR and Cobra's.

Fits Terminator Cobra's Rear differential cooler kit. In-line strainer for differential cooler kit. Differential breather oil catch can. Click for more info. Differential cover plumbing with FT Delrin isolated rear differential lowering mount. Gray Ford Motorcraft sealant. Use when the outer metal sleeve has been removed. Delrin Upper control arm bushings and Hardcoated inner sleeves. This Kit Includes: Four 4 Grade This Kit Includes: Eight 8 Grade FT - Delrin Lower control arm bushings and Hardcoated inner sleeves with shimming washers.

FT - Aluminum Front diff supports with Aluminum shimming washers to set pinion angle. FT - Delrin Rear Diff support. Free shipping is UPS Ground service. There will be an additional charge for a faster service.The SVT Cobra was a high-performance version of the Ford Mustangconsidered as top-of-the-line as it was positioned above the Mustang GT and Mach 1 models during its era of production.

On three occasions, the race-ready, street-legal SVT Cobra R variant was produced in limited numbers. Cobra models received a softer, more compliant ride compared to the GT model. This was accomplished with model-specific springs and sway bars. To this, Ford SVT engineers added the following performance items: [5]. The Cobra was available in four exterior paint choices, [6] : —1 as shown in the table below. In the table below, the engine code in bold is the only unique code that differentiates the SVT Cobra from other Mustangs for the model year.

The Cobra R was the first of three Cobra R models produced, and it was an extremely exclusive vehicle. To stiffen the chassis, a strut tower brace was installed to tie the cowl together, and a pair of V-braces used on all — Mustang convertibles attached in an X-pattern tied the subframes together.

The car also featured massive 13" Kelsey-Hayes vented rotors in front and Ressler, the executive director of vehicle engineering for Ford Motor Company at the time and one of the founding fathers of SVT, the Cobra R's brakes "were the most expensive brakes ever fitted to a [production] Mustang.

I bought the brakes for the R model out of my engineering budget. I wanted big brakes, and we didn't have them. The program couldn't afford it. But the last thing I wanted was a fast car that didn't stop. We ended up putting good brakes on all those [Cobra R] vehicles. The same 5. However, the radiator was unique to the Cobra R, and a purge tank was installed for improved cooling.

A power steering cooler located behind the left foglight bezel and an engine oil cooler were standard. The Cobra R wheels were actually the optional 17" x 8" five-lug wheels from the soon-to-be-released Mustang GT, but they were painted gloss black with a chrome lug cover. The wheels were wrapped with Goodyear Gatorbacks, which were the standard Cobra tires.

mustang cobra terminator parts

To give the car better front-end geometry, lower control arms from the Mustang were fitted. According to Ford's official announcement on April 7,the Cobra R was produced to take the Fox-bodied Mustang out in grand style, a "best of the last" model.These are all easy modifications you can accomplish in your home garage with basic hand tools and a few hours on a Saturday afternoon.

Ray gathered up all of our Terminator parts and carefully placed them on this cart for easy access during installation. Not shown here is the Afco heat exchanger. The BilletFlow pulleys are available to match the most popular Cobra colors, including Redfire, Sonic Blue, black, and clear. Ray McClelland is going to show you how to equip and tune this engine to make even more power.

First things we do are a spark plug reading and gapping. White would indicate lean and potentially dangerous to engine longevity. The gap should be 0.

Main thing you want to be concerned with is heat range. If you experience any detonation spark knockyou will need to investigate using a colder plug.

Full 700hp Mustang cobra review ! TERMINATOR!!

The fuel rail is unbolted and lifted up to swap the injectors. Disconnecting the throttle cable on the passenger side will offer some working room. The snub idler pulley bracket is installed, which will create additional belt wrap around the supercharger pulley.

It bolts to stock mounting points on the engine. The secondary mm idler pulleys are installed next. There are two idler pulleys designed to maintain tight belt tension under extreme supercharger loads at the top of the engine and one at the bottom of the engine just off the crank pulley.

The Terminator Mustang SVT Cobra Was the Original Hellcat

These BilletFlow idlers are direct replacements for the stock units. Remove the beauty cap or retaining bolt early built Cobras over the supercharger input shaft to expose the threaded hole for later pulley installation.

mustang cobra terminator parts

You will have to rent or borrow a puller to remove the stock pulley from your Eaton M supercharger. We will warn you ahead of time—this pulley is a tight interference fit and very hard to remove using a puller. You may have to heat the pulley hub to achieve enough expansion to remove the pulley. BilletFlow has great puller available for purchase or rent for your installation.

Installation of the new BilletFlow supercharger pulley hub requires an installation tool similar to ones used for power steering pulley installation. BilletFlow offers one, or you can source locally. Once installed the 92mm snub idler pulley can then be installed next. The pulley is retained to the hub with Allen screws. It is suggested you use a thread locker on screw threads. The press-on hub is designed to make it easy for you to swap pulleys as the need warrants.

The Gates high-performance belt is routed around the Eaton supercharger and BilletFlow pulleys to finish up the pulley swap. The JLT cold air intake, which is easy to install, pulls cooler outside air in from the inner fender area. Follow the easy instructions and wire it in to the OE fuel pump driver module in the trunk. This Afco Racing heat exchanger is designed to replace your factory SVT Cobra heat exchanger and provide more efficient intake cooling.

Especially cool is the direct bolt-in application, which requires no modifications. The Afco heat exchanger mounts to the factory brackets and bolts right in. It stores as many as 10 custom tunes or you can order from many dealers pre-loaded with tunes as wellis easy to read and understand, reads and clears fault codes, and will back up the factory tune.

And remember, you can do this yourself. Chassis Dyno Testing Results Before: Readers share the story and photo of their muscle Mustangs and fast Fords. Jonathun Catapano and his Cobra. Readers share the photo and story of their muscle mustangs and fast fords.They've taken Mustang owners into the supercar realm when modified, and have become a cultural automotive icon, earning respect on the street from Corvette and exotic owners alike.

Forthe Cobra namesake has been shuffled off in favor of the Shelby GT moniker. Based on the new S platform, the Shelby embodies the essence of all that was, errr, is SVT, but as the Shelby comes to market, we have to wonder, even with hp, if the performance crown has truly been passed.

When the production SVT Cobra broke cover, its performance was way beyond virtually any previous Mustang, save for the rare and expen-sive '00 Cobra R and a few big-block Stangs of an era gone by. It featured forged pistons and Manley rods, which racers would normally term as a "built short-block. Its most exciting feature, though, was the Eaton blower that gave the Terminator a generous 90hp bump and more notably a surplus of low-end torque.

This treatment was something the 4. Bone-stock it ran Owners have gone 9s since, some with mostly stock engines. With such amazing power, prying the performance crown from the SVT Cobra owners will be difficult. The last Cobra achieved cult-like status as Terminator models have formed a formidable following of loyal enthusiasts who patrol the roads with their heads held high and their right foot ready to wake up the snake's supercharged mill.

Much like the Toyota Supra in the import world, the Terminator carries the respect of the domestic crowd, and its numerous owners are eager to show you how lethal their snake's bite is. The superior performance is evident at racetracks across America. A rollbar is now needed at But a mildly modded Cobra can run deep into the 11s, and many owners don't want to install a rollbar. Because of that, many high-horsepower Cobras never even make it to the track. This fact has spawned a new era of enthusiasts who brag about dyno numbers rather than timeslips.

As you can see, the Terminator had a huge effect on the performance scene which is the point of this articleone that might not be eclipsed by the GT The Terminator has spawned numerous Web sites, such as www. The factory package is cool enough for most to fall in love with, but many who have chosen to modify these cars have found making big power and torque numbers is easier than asking, "How much do you want? An easy 40 hp at the wheels turned the snake into a tire-burning monster. And where centrifugal blowers ruled in the Mustang market, owners now saw the potential of a Roots-style compressor.

And one could argue that it's due to the Terminator. Meanwhile, enthusiasts found that an air intake, a tune, and exhaust mods were worth another hp. We asked some of the hottest tuners what the limits are for the Terminators, and the results were quite impressive.

Joe Panciarello of Mustang Magic in Deer Park, New York, told us that his own personal ride "makes over to the tires and still gets 20 mph on the highway, and passes New York State inspection. A daily driver running on minimum 91 octane and getting a good, strong life from the stock engine will deliver hp at the tires.

The cool thing about today's technology and tuning is that we can make,or more horsepower and still turn the power down to a conservative amount for the street, with just a simple tune and lowering of the boost level. All are street drivers with IRS, six-speeds, and ice-cold air conditioning.Increase the search radius for more results. Based on the radius, a new location list is generated for you to choose from.

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City of Toronto. Rx7 FC 8. I am selling a very large collection of very rare parts.

2003-2004 SVT Cobra Parts

Also aftermarket big block Ford performance parts. This is only a very small list of what I have about anything you can think of for to Mustang Shelby and big block Ford performance cars I will have ,Sheet metal gauges you name it.

I know what this stuff is worth and Saleen Racecraft lowering Springs - Ford Mustang. Original option springs as fitted to SN95 era Mustangs however they will also fit foxbody Mustangs, just note the spring rate is little higher.

The Terminator Cobra VS The Shelby GT500

Used, sitting for many years otherwise in nice shape. Located Niagara, local meet up or shipping possible. Please Contact.

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